What’s in our air suspension kits?

Up first is the pre-wired valve loom which makes the kit very easy to wire up with basic electrical knowledge and a multi-meter.

Next up is the 4 corner AVS fast valve block which takes an air feed in from the tank in the middle and has 2 separate ports for sending air to each corner plus 2 ports for your gauges.

We have a few different tanks available, which you are able to choose from when ordering a kit. We decided to use a fat 5 gallon tank in this FG but we also supply 5 gallon hotdogs as well baby 3 gallon tanks as well.

With regards to the air bags, in a Ford Falcon FG we run Slam Specialties SS6 bags, however these will vary depending on your application. We also offer an optional bolt in top plate for the rear sub-frame in an FG which saves you doing any fabrication work.

All of our air suspension kits only come with VIAIR 444c compressors. These are much better units than the small 400c compressors you often see included in other suppliers kits.

We also include illuminated dual needle VIAIR gauges which you can select to have in either a white or black face.

You will also get a bag filled with air line fittings, momentary switches, fasteners, nuts, washers and everything else needed to complete your air suspension install. As well as enough air line to run through the car, no matter where you decide to mount the tank.

We can also supply laser cut compressor and valve block mounts as optional extras which allow you to mount them directly to the tank, saving you from drilling extra holes in the body.

That about covers what is generally included in our Air Suspension Kits, of course they may vary slightly depending on your vehicle — However they all use high quality components and come with everything needed to get the job done.

Want air suspension installed on your car too? We can help!

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