Pontiac Laurentian Brake & Suspension Overhaul

All of the refreshed running gear has now been refitted to the 1963 Pontiac Laurentian to replace the old, rotten and worn out parts.

Up front we’ve installed new control arm bushes, ball joints, brake drums, wheel cylinders, hoses and many other vital suspension components to ensure that the customer won’t have any issues when it comes to getting the car back on the road.

In the rear end we removed the entire differential to replace the axle bearings and fit all new brake components. We then replaced both the upper and lower trailing arm bushes as well as the panhard rod bushes to keep the car tracking straight on the road.

The only suspension components we haven’t touched were the springs and shock absorbers as the customer will soon be looking to lower the vehicle, which means they will be replaced entirely.

We also carried out a full service on it, replacing both the engine and transmission oils as well as the old brake fluid.

With regards to the oil leaks, we have given the drive-line a thorough de-grease in order to pinpoint where they are coming from and they will be addressed in the near future.

It was sent over to Baker Motors for a New South Wales Blue Slip inspection and it came back with a pass. So it is now ready for the customer to come pick up, register and enjoy cruising around Albury Wodonga with his family.

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